Resident Evil Village: Story

Resident Evil Village is the newest entry in the classic horror franchise, and in terms of plot, it’s definitely one of the weirdest. Set a few years after the events of Resident Evil VII, Village continues the story of Ethan Winters and his wife Mia, two everyday people trying their best to forget the terrible events of their past. Transporting players to a rustic, dreary village crawling with creatures, Resident Evil Village delivers on the action and excitement.

While the plot might seem simple at first, it’s deceptively complex, woven together through hidden notes and secrets throughout the game. From the seductive and vampiric Lady Dimitrescu to the shadowy dollmaker Donna Beneviento, everyone has their part to play in the sprawling narrative. Let’s take a deeper look at Resident Evil Village and see how it all ties together!

Resident Evil Village Story Explained

Note: This article will contain major spoilers for Resident Evil Village.

The Setup

After moving from the United States to Europe under the guidance of Chris Redfield, Ethan and Mia celebrate the birth of their baby daughter and look forward to a simple but happy life. After experiencing the horrors of the Baker House incident, where they were kidnapped and tortured by a crazed group of psychopaths, Ethan and Mia still find it hard to move on. The prospect of family life in solitude quickly disappears, as Ethan and Mia are ambushed in their home late at night.

As Ethan and Mia sit down for dinner, bullets rip through the walls of their home, killing Mia. A group of soldiers, led by none other than Chris Redfield, abduct Ethan and his baby daughter Rose and begin transporting them to an unknown location. During the drive, the convoy veers off the road, leaving Ethan stranded in the frigid European woods. With no evidence of his daughter, his captors, or any help, Ethan begins to drudge through the snow towards any sign of civilization.

The Lords of the Village

After a brief walk through the woods, Ethan stumbles upon a seemingly abandoned village, dirty and left in disrepair. As he investigates the ransacked cottages, Ethan is attacked by crazed lycan creatures, lurking in every nook of the town.

He meets a few survivors at a house in the center of town, but one of the wounded transforms into a lycan, causing further destruction and death. At the height of the attack, the lycans in the village turn heel and run, leaving Ethan to investigate the village further. He then meets an elderly mystic who points him in the direction of a looming castle, where his daughter Rose is being held captive. Unfortunately, on his way to the castle, Ethan is abducted by a mysterious man with telekinetic powers named Heisenberg, who drags him into the caves below the village.

During his capture, Ethan is introduced to Mother Miranda and her four disciples, all of whom guard over the village in their own way. First, there’s Lady Dimitrescu, a towering and astute woman with a lust for blood. There’s also the silent, shadowy doll-maker Donna Beneviento and the sulking, subservient Moreau. Ethan’s captor Heisenberg fills the fourth spot, using his quick wit and mastery of metal to assert dominance.

While all four of the disciples plead with Mother Miranda for ownership of Ethan, he is given back to Heisenberg to be disposed of. True to his sadistic nature, Heisenberg throws Ethan into a gauntlet of certain death, packed with traps and lycans. Through his everlasting will to persevere, Ethan manages to survive the obstacle course of doom and makes his way back to the village, now with newfound motivation to rescue his daughter and seek revenge.

Purging the Village

Justifiably enraged by the events so far, Ethan sets his sights on Castle Dimitrescu, aiming to find Rose and track down Mother Miranda. Before entering the castle, Ethan meets a jolly and obese merchant named the Duke, who offers supplies and a bit of information.

After gearing up, Ethan works his way through the luxurious and decadent halls of Castle Dimitrescu, hunting down Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters. Although vampire-like in nature, feeding off human blood for sustenance, Ethan learns that Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters are actually disturbing products of mutation.

Originally humans, the Dimitrescu family experienced a violent transformation after exposure to a mysterious parasite, granting them immortality in their new form. During a climactic battle on the ramparts of the castle, Lady Dimitrescu reveals her true form — a slimy, massive bat-like creature composed of shifting gore.

After defeating Lady Dimitrescu, Ethan discovers that his daughter Rose has been crystalized and split into four parts, to be later resurrected in some sort of ritual. With one of four pieces recovered, Ethan sets out to dispose of the remaining lords.

Ethan recovers the second and third parts after encounters with their respective lords, Donna Beneviento and Salvatore Moreau. In his efforts to recover pieces of Rose, he learns that the parasite that infected the Dimitrescu family is persistent throughout the other lords.

The parasite, called the Cadou, seemingly originates in the village countryside. For years, it appears that Mother Miranda and her disciples have been experimenting with the Cadou parasite, using townsfolk as human guinea pigs. To uncover the truth and find the last piece of Rose, Ethan heads back to Heisenberg’s factory.

Mother Miranda’s Plan

Like at the beginning of the story, Heisenberg messes with Ethan plenty, resulting in a lengthy trek through the multi-leveled factory full of other experimental horrors. Heisenberg, also infected with the Cadou parasite, has been attempting to build a robotic army by fusing infected members of the village with a variety of mechanical parts.

In a small twist, Heisenberg plans on overthrowing Mother Miranda himself, as personal revenge for infecting him with the Cadou in the first place. Ultimately, Heisenberg’s plan backfires, leaving Ethan to deal with Mother Miranda. Weary and broken, Ethan meets Mother Miranda at the ritual site as she begins the resurrection of baby Rose.

During the final battle with Mother Miranda, Chris Redfield and his team begin to infiltrate the village, also intent on killing Miranda. During his sweep, Chris discovers Ethan’s wife Mia, held captive in Miranda’s lab. In the lab, Chris uncovers evidence indicating that Mother Miranda had discovered the Cadou parasite in the late 1910s, and has been experimenting with it in an effort to resurrect her deceased daughter.

Due to her own Cadou infection, Miranda has the power to mimic any person, revealing that she had been impersonating Mia since the beginning of the game. The four lords of the village were all meant as potential hosts for Miranda’s daughter, using a mixture of the parasite’s powers and a ritual requiring a powerful sacrifice.

The Finale

In the end, Ethan is able to overcome Mother Miranda, saving his daughter in the process. With the help of Chris, both Mia and Rose are able to make it to safety, but Ethan stays behind to finish the job. By triggering a massive explosion, Ethan sacrifices himself to cleanse the village of the parasite, ending Mother Miranda’s experiments once and for all. Although a bit of a bummer ending, Resident Evil Village closes with a fun epilogue.

Jumping forward several years, we see a now-adolescent Rose visiting her father’s grave. She explains that she has been busy with her training, implying that she has gained supernatural powers from the events in the village. Now that Ethan has been put to rest, it seems that Rose could be a potential protagonist for future Resident Evil games.

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