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Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world action-adventure story that takes place in the Night City, a megalopolis that has an obsession with power, beauty, and modifying the body. The world in 2077 is almost irreparably devastated by multiple wars and climate change. Fresh food and water are insufficient, most wildlife is extinct, and humanity has undergone extreme body modifications to survive and adapt to growing cyber and local attacks.

Always bring a gun to a knife fight!

You play as V, a greedy villain who gains a unique implant that is the key to become immortal. Whenever someone needs something delivered or someone is delivered, ripped off, or just made to disappear, they call V. At the start of the game, V has the choice to choose 1 lifestyle from the 3 available in the game. The lifestyles are Nomad, Streetkid, or Corpo. V starts life with a local thug Jackie Welles. No matter what lifestyle V chooses, The aim of V is very clear, he wants to be the king of the city.

The result of madness to become immortal is brutal use of weapons, extreme fights, dealing with fixers, facing the corporate leaders, and many more things.

What Cyberpunk 2077 has to offer?

View on the city

The game is set in Night City. It is a fictional city in California. The night city is divided into six regions that are the corporate City Centre, immigrant-inhabited Watson, luxurious Westbrook, suburban Heywood, gang-infested Pacifica, and industrial Santo Domingo. V and Welles are hired by a local fixer DeShawn in 2077 to steal “The Relic”, a biochip from a corporation. But the real twist comes with the murder of the megacorp’s leader. The real game starts from here.

The most eye-catching thing in the game is the playback voices. All of them are recorded by famous actors including Keanu Reeves, Cherami Leigh, Michael Gregory, etc.

The man with the silver hand

The developers of the game have tried to provide excellent features. The world they have built in the game is awesome. Music, gunplay, gadgets, and almost everything are attractive. Moreover, the character creation in the game is the same you would expect in the present era of gaming. A deep customization system is present in the game. These are some of the features that make Cyberpunk 2077 stand out from other games of the same genre.

Graphics and responsiveness

Lucky number 13

Whether you agree or not on the quality of the game, you have to applaud the graphics and visual effects provided by the developers. By far the most amazing aspect of Cyberpunk 2077 is its visual design. Aesthetically, this is one of the most incredible games anyone would have ever seen, and hands down the most engaging open-world game we’ve had so far. Though the game only provides the first-person narrative, yet you will enjoy the graphics. Shooting feels natural in the game’s perspectives thanks to the fully customizable controls. The game perfectly picturizes utopia and dystopia.


CDPR’s REDengine 4, the latest edition of the in-house engine that powered its previous games, powers these stunning views. With the new engine, Cyberpunk 2077 can deliver exceptional lighting effects with highly detailed and polygonal environments and models, a huge open-world sandbox map, and high crowd density that make Night City a real place with people, they live and breathe.

Beautiful beast

If you have a high-end P.C then consoles can not compete with you. But if the specs of P.C are on the lower side, other consoles like PlayStation and Xbox are in the game. CDPR is releasing gameplay for Xbox and PlayStation which has enhanced the gaming experience. The difference between the Xbox and P.S graphics is very minimal. PS and Xbox perform better at higher resolutions than their lower spec counterparts, as you might expect. But they each have trade-offs: While PC’s maximum dynamic resolution of 1188p only equates to Xbox’s minimum dynamic resolution, the frame rate on Xbox can be worse by a “considerable headroom” in scenes. more demanding, steadily dropping every 20 seconds in car chases. . Beyond these basic metrics, other visual features like shadows appear to be the same on both.

Is Cyberpunk 2077 fun to play?

Party at night

Cyberpunk 2077 is a fun-to-play game. Night City is an exciting place. It is fun to explore it. V’s continuous personality changes, the dialogues used in the game, gunplay, etc make it an interesting game to play.

Once you manage to come out of the edges of the game’s Intelligence skill trees, your character starts picking up abilities that will turn you into a digital wizard. Cyberpunk, for once, will bring you closer to feeling like a badass mercenary in the virtual world.

Outnumbered but not outgunned!

So, the exciting Night City, gunplay, tackling the corporates, and digital wizard are some things that make the fun and addictive to play.

How much playtime does it take to start enjoying the game?

Taking a break…

The playing time depends on the style you play. If you’re only interested in completing the main story without playing the side missions, then this will be a relatively short game. But the suggestion is that the side missions should also be played to experience the whole adventure.

It’s a deal…

If we break the playing hours according to the playing styles, it will take almost 18 hours to complete the main story of the game. But if you are interested to conquer the side missions as well, it will take a total of approximately 44 hours to complete it. All-time spent to complete the game will be worth spending.


Tech test

Cyberpunk 2077 is an average game to play. The audio and visual effects are mesmerizing, and they freshen up the feel of the game in a way that fans will appreciate. Few games have provided such qualities of audio-visual effects. The screenplay and story writing isn’t revolutionary, but it’s almost always great and very consistent.

Like every other game, the game has pros and cons. But the bugs are being fixed and the game has become better. So, if you like to play an exciting game, Cyberpunk 2077 is your go-to game.

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